Welcome to your Ecl question

Yesterday, i _____ tardy for class because my car wouldn't start.
He had to go to the hospital because he had an _____.
I need to go to the bank because _____ .
We could hear the (faint) sound of a child's voice calling for help.
The plane left the airport at 09.00
For breakfast this morning, i _____ five boiled eggs.
Right now, the children ______ baseball in the park.
The students were required to take another ecl test. They ______ do it.
It _____ twenty minutes to drive from here to the airport.
A lot of dust _____ through the open window! Close it!
What comes exactly 12 hours after midnight?
He is robber .
How did she hurt herself? She _____ down when the bus made an abrupt stop.
When snow starts cascading down the side of a mountain, we call it _____.
How did you get from your country to san antonio
No matter where you live, you need _____ access to a hospital.
The teacher _____ all day yesterday preparing new handouts for you.
The wind is _____ very hard.
Whose book is that?
If i finish my homework early,i _____ to the gym and work out.

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